2016 Summer Youth Programs

Students entering 1st-8th grade in the 2016-2017 school year*

$15.00 per day ……Pick 5 classes for $60……All 10 classes for $120

~ Class size is limited ~ Pre-registration is recommended   ~ 


Gardening Gems

June 14th-grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm  ~  June 16th– grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm

Participants will learn about gardening and where our food comes from.  They will try their hand at gardening by creating a take-home greenhouse to watch grow and harvest all summer.  We will also explore all the different parts of a plant we eat with a fresh veggie snack.

Detective Days

June 21st -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm  ~ June 23rd– grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm

Youth will use their keen eyes and fingerprint identification to make observations to help solve a mine yard mystery.

Map Making

June 28th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm  ~  June 30th-grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm

Participants will explore different types of maps throughout history while learning map reading skills.  They will put their skills to use to create a map of their own.

Mystery Minerals

July 5th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   July 7th  4-5th  1pm-4pm

Participants will learn to identify minerals by examining and learning about their characteristics.  They will also create their own mineral identifying guide with complete mineral kit for them to keep.

Let’s Put on a Show!

July 12th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   July 14th– grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm

Let’s put on a show and learn about the importance and art of storytelling.  Participants will get to try their hand at a puppet show with a puppet they get to make.

Butte-iful Art

July 19th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   July 20th– grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm ~ July 21st– grades 6th-8th 1pm-4pm

Participants will explore different styles of art and get their chance to make their own masterpiece.

Strike it Rich

July 26th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   July 27th– grades 4-5th  1pm-4pm ~ July 28th – grades 6th-8th 1pm-4pm

Can you make it as a prospector?  Participants will get to file a claim and see if they can strike it rich at mining.

Let it Fly!

August 2nd -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   August 3rd – grades 4-5th  9am-12pm ~ August 3rd – grades 6th-8th 1pm-4pm

1st-3rd What makes a good zip line?  This class will cover simple machines and youth will experiment with building their own zip lines.

4th-8th Can you build a catapult?  After this class you will know all about simple machines and apply it to a catapult.

Underground mine tour

August 9th -grades 1st-3rd 9am-12pm   August 10th-grades 4-5th 9am-12pm ~

August 11th-grades 6th-8th 9am-12pm

Let’s take a look at what the mine looks like underground.  After youth explore the mine they will get a chance to pan for garnets in Hell Roaring Gulch.


August 16th -grades 1st-3rd  9am-12pm   August 17th-grades 4-5th  9am-12pm ~ August 18th-grades 6th-8th 9am-12pm

Participants will get a private tour of the print shop in Hell Roaring Gulch and try their     hand at print making using everyday materials.

*June 14-July 14 classes open to 1st grade-5th July 19-August 18th classes open to all grade levels